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Seekers, Book 6: Spirits in the Stars
Seekers Series Book #6 of 6
Author: Erin Hunter

Book Info

Published on February 8, 2011
Age Group: 8 - 13 years
Reading Level: AR: 5.4 (10.0 Points, Quiz #142968)
Lexile® measure: 770L

At the edge of the Endless Ice, the four bears Ujurak, Toklo, Lusa, and Kallik reach Star Island, where a large group of bears is in trouble but believes Lusa is destined to help bring back the favor of the spirits.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Ujurak's legs ached as he tried to concentrate on just putting one paw in front of another. He and his friends seemed to have been trudging across the Endless Ice forever, though he knew that only a few sunrises had passed since they'd escaped from the flat-faces near the oil rig.

Glancing over his shoulder, he could see that his three companions looked just as tired as he felt. Toklo, the big brown bear, shambled along with his head down. Lusa stumbled after him as if she hardly knew where she was anymore, her small shape a black dot against the endless white; Ujurak knew they would have to keep a close eye on her, for fear that she would sink back into the longsleep. Even Kallik, who was more at home on the ice than any of them, padded along with a grim expression.

Inside Front Flap:
On the unforgiving Arctic Ice . . .
United once again, Toklo, Lusa, Kallik, and Ujurak continue across the ice. Conditions are harsh and especially treacherous for the black bear and grizzly bears who are not used to the brutal cold, never-ending snow, and limited food. But the bears are certain now that they're on the right course, and with the stars still guiding them, they push forward.

When they reach land at last, the group is overjoyed, but something is not right. The bears who live here are ill. What's wrong with them? What can the foursome do to help? Is aiding these strangers the ultimate goal of their quest? Ujurak just might hold the key to their mission in his paws, yet it's Lusa the new bears are especially interested in.

Three young cubs, each from different backgrounds, and their mysterious shape-shifting companion have grown up together in their long and dangerous journey to save the wild. Now, when their task appears more difficult than ever, the bears must make a critical decision . . . and for one bear the path ends here.

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273 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 0060871407
ISBN-13: 9780060871406
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273 pages. List price $6.99
ISBN-10: 0060871423
ISBN-13: 9780060871420
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309 pages. List price $6.99
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