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Seekers, Book 3: Smoke Mountain
Seekers Series Book #3 of 6
Author: Erin Hunter

Book Info

Published on May 4, 2009
Age Group: 8 - 13 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.8 (9.0 Points, Quiz #130734)
GLE: 5
DRA: 50
Lexile® measure: 740L

When the bears learn of the legendary Last Great Wilderness, a fabled bear paradise, they believe that this must be their ultimate destination.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
A soft breeze ruffled Kallik's fur, bringing with it the scents of fresh water and strange bears, as she climbed the rocky slope behind Toklo and Ujurak. Scrubby tufts of grass poked through cracks in the boulders, and tiny pebbles rolled under her paws. A faint orange glow lit up the edge of the sky; the night was already ending, although it felt as if they'd been walking for only a short time.

Kallik turned to look for her brother, Taqqiq. He was shambling along several steps behind her, batting small rocks down the hill with a ferocious paw swipe every few paces. He didn't look thrilled to be on this journey with the brown bears. Kallik wondered what he was thinking. Once, long ago, she used to be able to tell just by looking at him. Now, after so many moons apart, he felt like a stranger.

Inside Front Flap:
The Last Great Wilderness . . .
There is a place where bears can live in peace, where there is sea-ice all year, where the forests are full of prey, where flat-faces never go. Polar bears Kallik and Taqqiq, black bear Lusa, grizzly Toklo, and the shape-shifting Ujurak believe that this fabled bear paradise must be the destination of their quest. But the path they follow is dangerous.

The burning Smoke Mountains are more treacherous than anything the bears have faced before, and tensions run high as they encounter obstacle after obstacle. A rushing river and hostile flat-faces separate them from their goal, and a bear is pushed to the brink of death. Signs and omens point in different directions, and the bears, though traveling together, must each follow his or her own star . . . causing one bear to leave the group forever.

But as the others travel on, they soon learn that it will take all their strength and determination to reach their destination. And, if they reach it at last, they may learn that what they thought was their quest's end is in fact a new beginning. . . .

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259 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 0060871288
ISBN-13: 9780060871284
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