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Pendragon Cycle Series
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
Number of Books in Series: 5
Age Group: 14 years and up

This series is Christian faith based.

Book 1 Summary: A retelling of an Arthurian legend about the bard Taliesin and his love for Charis, the princess of Atlantis. The sequels are Merlin (1988, 1990), Arthur (1989, 1990), and Pendragon (1994). It was a time of legend, when the last shadows of the mighty Roman conqueror faded from the captured Isle of Britain. While across a vast sea, bloody war shattered a peace that had flourished for two thousand years in the doomed kingdom of Atlantis. Taliesin is the remarkable adventure of Charis, the Atlantean princess who escaped the terrible devastation of her homeland, and of the fabled seer and druid prince Taliesin, singer at the dawn of the age. It is the story of an incomparable love that joined two worlds amid the fires of chaos, and spawned the miracles of Merlin ... and Arthur the king.

Pendragon Cycle Book List:

This series should be read in the correct order listed here.

Book 1: Taliesin
Ages 14 and up. August 1, 1987.

Book 2: Merlin
Ages 14 and up. August 1, 1988.

Book 3: Arthur
Ages 14 and up. August 1, 1989.

Book 4: Pendragon
Ages 14 and up. September 29, 1994.

Book 5: Grail
Ages 14 and up. July 1, 1997.

Companion Book: Avalon: The Return Of King Arthur
Ages 14 and up. September 7, 1999.
GLE: 10.0
Lexile measure: 1150L

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 5 Books

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Author Website for Stephen R. Lawhead


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