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The Locket Saga #1: When God Turned His Head
The Locket Saga Series Book #1 of 6
Author: Cygnet Brown

Book Info

Published on April 4, 2012
Age Group: 12 years and up

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
A gust of wind blew in from the harbor. The wooden shingle hanging over the Codman Saddle Shop rattled side-to-side in the breeze. Leaves and other litter swirled around in the corner between the Clarke Apothecary and the Miller Bookstore.

Like a sleepy ghost town, the docks at Boston Harbor slept through its day of rest. No crowds wandered the streets. The storefronts were locked while their owners observed their Sabbath. Bostonians with their Puritan heritage still took their Sabbath seriously. Even loading and unloading ships were forbidden on Sundays. Any ship that came into harbor on Saturday night sat with its cargo untouched until Monday morning, and ships were never scheduled to disembark from sunset Saturday night until sunrise Monday morning. No amount of money would make a Bostonian of 1753 break his Sunday Sabbath.

It was February, and the sun itself decided to take a Sabbatical along with the rest of Boston. Gray hung low in the Boston sky. Long icicles hung from the eves of the North Church that stood in the corner of Price Street and North Street. Temperatures hovered near zero.

The church was a wooden building painted white with a pyramidal roof and topped by a belfry whose brass bell pealed the announcement to the good Puritan Bostonians that it was time for them to make their slow dignified approach to the respected institution. The breath from the heavily clothed church laymen hung heavy around the church steps.

"I sure am ready for this cold weather to end," one elderly matron said to another.

"Well, better that we have this kind of weather in February than in April. I always say," the other woman replied.

"I suppose," said the first. "However, I am certainly ready for spring. It seems as though spring and summer just fly buy, but winter seems to drag on forever. It sure is tough on my rheumatism."

The two women continued their conversation as they entered the Old North Church.

Author Book Description:
"When God Turned His Head" is a murder mystery set in Colonial America, and is based on a true story. When John Adams, one of the future leaders of the American Revolution, was a novice lawyer, a man named Kanter Thorton brought him his first case. The woman he loved, Drusilla Codman, was accused of murdering her rich husband.

Drusilla was an indentured servant when she and Kanter became betrothed, but the man she served, John Codman, raped her, resulting in pregnancy. Bound by the strict code that relegated women to the status of property, she married Codman. When he was found murdered, Drusilla became the only suspect. Kanter was the only person who believed in her innocence. He hired John Adams to defend her, although everybody "knew" Drusilla was guilty. Kanter began his own investigation, hoping to save the life of his beloved. When God Turned His Head is a great read for lovers of historical fiction with a strong sense of place and time, and anybody who likes to get lost in the pages of a good whodunnit."

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