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The Locket Saga #2: Soldiers Don't Cry
The Locket Saga Series Book #2 of 6
Author: Cygnet Brown

Book Info

Published on December 3, 2012
Age Group: 12 years and up

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Five-year-old Elizabeth Thornton pushed her dust cap back from her face, wiped the droplets of sweat from her nose with her smudged white pinafore, and wiped her palms down the seam of her linsey-woolsey dress that Mama had dyed dark brown using black walnut hulls. She squinted against the afternoon sun, and sneaked up to a stump surrounded by tall native grasses.

Aha! There was a grasshopper crouched on a wide-leafed plant, preening in the sun. His long back leg moved back and forth like a violin across his body. His big, green, compound eyes looked at her and at everything else at the same time.

Author Book Description:
The Locket Saga began with
When God Turned His Head where long ago, Kanter Thorton gave Drusilla a locket to symbolize his love for her, now, The Locket Saga continues when their daughter Elizabeth wears the locket.

Despite Elizabeth's patriotic loyalties, she falls in love with a British officer. As young children, Elizabeth Thorton and Philip Randolph met in the frontier of Western Pennsylvania in 1763. For years, the Atlantic Ocean separated them, but now years later, the conflict brewing between the British Empire and the American colonies brought them back together. What is it that keeps Phillip from remembering his childhood and how is it the key to his and Elizabeth's love for one another?

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ISBN-13: 9781300472247
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