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Warriors: Dawn of the Clans #2: Thunder Rising
Warriors: Dawn of the Clans Series Book #2 of 6
Author: Erin Hunter
Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin

Book Info

Published on November 5, 2013
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 5.5 (11.0 Points, Quiz #163037)
Lexile® measure: 800L

The cats from the mountains completed their journey and have settled in the forest at the end of the sun trail. But tensions have reached a breaking point--and a young cat named Thunder is caught helplessly in the middle.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
The new growth of moorland grass rippled under a warm breeze that ruffled Gray Wing's fur, telling him that the cold season was coming to an end. Green shoots were springing from the ground in all directions, and bright yellow flowers had appeared on the gorse bushes that dotted the landscape. The distant sound of birdsong promised abundant prey in the moons to come.

A few tail-lengths away, Thunder was letting out excited squeals as he wrestled happily with Hawk Swoop's kits, Lightning Tail and Acorn Fur. Gray Wing blinked affectionately as he watched them rolling around on the soft grass, batting at each other with flailing paws, their claws sheathed. He had asked Hawk Swoop for permission to take them out for a hunting lesson.

Inside Front Flap:
You will make things right. When the time comes, I know you will.
The mountain cats followed the sun trail to a new territory, convinced that in a land with more prey, their lives would be free from strife. But while no cat has gone hungry, tensions are rising—and the once firmly united group has split in two.

Caught in the middle is a young cat named Thunder. Orphaned after his father, Clear Sky, rejected him, Thunder has thrived under Gray Wing's watchful eye. But Thunder cannot escape the memory or hurt of his father's rejection. When a devastating fire rips through the forest, Thunder's natural abilities are put to the test. Impressed, Clear Sky invites Thunder to join him. But allegiances borne over time can be stronger than blood ties, and Thunder is forced to decide if he is with his father—or against him.

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302 pages. List price $16.99
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ISBN-13: 9780062063502
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