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Warriors Super Edition #4: Crookedstar's Promise
Warriors Super Edition Series Book #4 of 12
Author: Erin Hunter
Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin

This story provides background information on one of the character in Warriors: Omen of the Stars and should be read before reading Warriors: Omen of the Stars.

Book Info

Published on July 5, 2011
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 3.9 (15.0 Points, Quiz #145201)
Lexile® measure: 570L

As a young warrior, Crookedjaw pledges his undying loyalty to RiverClan in exchange for the promise of power, not realizing that his pledge will haunt him when he becomes the leader of his Clan.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Stormkit edged farther along the slippery branch. Volekit's dare rang in his ears.
Bet you fall off before you get to the end!

He unsheathed his claws and dug them into the frozen bark. From here, he could see a long way downstream, as far as the bend in the river. He could just glimpse the first of the stepping-stones beyond. And on the far shore, Sunningrocks! Its sheer side shadowed the water and its wide, smooth stone summit sparkled with frost. Stormkit fluffed out his fur. He'd seen farther than any other kit in the Clan! They'd never even seen past the reed bed.

"Be careful!" Oakkit called from the camp clearing.

Inside Front Flap:
Two healthy kits have just been born in RiverClan - Oakkit and Stormkit. The whole Clan rejoices, and no cat is more pleased than their mother, who immediately recognizes her kits' innate skill and bravery.

But when tragedy befalls Stormkit and he is permanently disfigured, his mother renames him Crookedkit and casts him aside.

As the young cat grows in strength, he dreams of becoming Clan leader. Then a mysterious cat appears in his dreams, whispering of prophecies untold and destinies undiscovered. She proclaims that Crookedkit will have all that he desires - but he must pledge his undying loyalty to RiverClan.

No cat could ever have imagined the terror and destruction that would lie in one hastily made, seemingly harmless, promise.

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491 pages. List price $17.99
ISBN-10: 0061980978
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