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Warriors Super Edition #2: Bluestar's Prophecy
Warriors Super Edition Series Book #2 of 12
Author: Erin Hunter
Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin

This story is a prequel for Warriors and should be read after reading Warriors.

Book Info

Published on July 16, 2009
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.5 (16.0 Points, Quiz #132820)
Lexile® measure: 670L

Bluefur, a warrior of ThunderClan, struggles under the weight of a prophecy that promises her glory as Clan leader, but also spells out her ultimate demise.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
"Shouldn't she have opened her eyes by now?"

"Hush, Swiftbreeze. She's only a day old. She'll open them when she's ready."

Bluekit felt the rasp of her mother's tongue on her flank and nestled closer to Moonflower's milk-warm belly.

"Snowkit opened hers this morning," Switftbreeze reminded her. "And my two had theirs open from almost the moment they were born." The she-cat's tail stirred her bedding. "Leopardkit and Patchkit are natural warriors."

A soft purr sounded from a third queen. "Oh, Swiftbreeze, we all know that no kit can compete with your two," Poppydawn gently teased.

Back Cover:
Bluestar - leader of ThunderClan - has been prophesied to guide her Clan to power in a time of great turmoil. But closely guarded secrets from the past haunt her every paw step, and dark shadows whisper in her ears. Will she protect her Clan? Or collapse under the weight of her destiny?

516 pages. List price $17.99
ISBN-10: 0061582476
ISBN-13: 9780061582479
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516 pages. List price $7.99
ISBN-10: 0061582506
ISBN-13: 9780061582509
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$5.20 and up used from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)

Kindle eBook
560 pages. List price $7.99
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