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The Spotted Sphinx Series
Author: Joy Adamson
Number of Books in Series: 2
Age Group: 10 years and up

Book 2 Summary: Apparently sensitive to snipes from scientific quarters regarding her unique relationship with wild creatures, the dedicated Ms. Adamson, here provides more rigorous cheetah observation than was evident in the last Pippa saga, The Spotted Sphinx (1969). Nevertheless she says, "The scientific method of studying animals. . . is purely objective and cuts out all personal relationships between animals and man. . . my method. . . is subjective." Since she couldn't spend 24 hours a day with the cheetah and her cubs (it would have disturbed Pippa's routine) she puts in as many daylight hours with them as she can. There are days and days of tracking, as Ms. Adamson observes mating, nursing, feeding, cub-training and curious behavior which she interprets as a variety of animal ESP. (Could Pippa have known a mate was on the way? Could the cub have sensed the lion "Boy" was injured?) There are occasional visits to George Adamson and his pride of lions, wild and/or semi-domesticated, and both Joy and George face the heartbreak of enforced removal from the African preserve. Joy has other personal trials as well - an auto accident results in serious surgery and painful rehabilitation. But Pippa's death is the most difficult to bear. . . . With copious color and black-and-white photographs - for the reliable following and for those who will forgive a certain shrill sentimentality out of deference to Ms. Adamson's wholesome respect for the ways of the wild.

Spotted Sphinx Book List:

This series should be read in the correct order listed here.

Book 1: The Spotted Sphinx
Ages 10 and up. January 1, 1969.

Book 2: Pippa's Challenge
Ages 10 and up. January 1, 1972.

Companion Book: Pippa: The Cheetah and Her Cubs
Ages 10 and up. January 1, 1970.

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 2 Books


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