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Seven Sleepers #1: Flight of the Eagles
The Seven Sleepers Series Book #1 of 10
Author: Gilbert Morris

Book Info

Published on February 1, 1994
Age Group: 10 - 17 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.7 (7.0 Points, Quiz #64950)

The choice of Josh and the members of the quest is a dangerous one. He must survive not only the peril of the Sanhedrin, but the doubt that threatens his faith and, ultimately, his commitment to Goe'l, his spiritual champion.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
It was almost a year after Sarah came that the adventure began. Josh was sound asleep one winter evening when he heard his name being called."Josh! Josh! Wake up!"He sat up at once, shielding his eyes against the overhead light. He saw his father standing over him, his face pale and tense."What's the matter, Dad'" he cried in sudden fear."Son," Mr.Adams said, "we've got to go to the silo. Get dressed quickly."Josh's father was a scientist who did some sort of secret work for the government. The silo had been made into a laboratory." What's wrong, Dad'" Josh asked as he started pulling on his clothes. "Is something wrong with Mom'""No, Ill explain on the way, Josh. I've given Sarah a call, but you go by and make sure she's up. Meet us in the car." He rushed out of the room without another word. Josh scrambled into his clothes, shaking from cold and fear. When he was dressed, he ran down the hall and knocked on Sarah's door. She opened it at once. She was fully dressed too, and Josh saw that her eyes were large with fear."Hurry up," Josh said. "My mom and dad are waiting for us in the car." "Do you know what's wrong'" Sarah whispered.

Publisher Description:
Josh Adams, 14, awakes from a 50-year sleep. Ancient prophecy commands him and the other sleepers to unite in battle against the evil priests, and combat the doubt that threatens their faith.

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