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Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #146: The Ghost of the Lantern Lady
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Series Book #62 of 175 in alphabetical order (switch to publication order)
Author: Carolyn Keene

Book Info

Published on November 1, 1998
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.6 (4.0 Points, Quiz #19696)

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
"I always feel as if my car is a time machine when I come here," Nancy Drew said. She stepped out of her Mustang. Its shiny blue color matched her T-shirt and her eyes. "It's as if I've traveled back in time." Her reddish blond hair swung as she shook her head in amazement.

Ahead was Persimmon Woods Pioneer Village, a living-history museum located in the country twenty miles south of River Heights, Nancy's hometown.

"I know," Nancy's friend Bess Marvin said, standing beside the passenger side door. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement. "It's really going to be fun working here for a week and pretending to be one of the villagers."

"Just don't forget," Nancy said, "that our main job is to investigate and gather clues." She remembered her conversation with Anita Valdez, her neighbor from across the street in River Heights. "Anita is sure that all the so-called accidents and thefts here have been caused to cover up the fact that money is being stolen."

"Okay, Nancy, we're ready to help. Aren't we, George? George? Come on."

George Fayne unwound her lanky frame from its curled-up position in the small backseat. "I'm coming," she said. George had short, dark curly hair and brown eyes, and Bess had long blond hair and blue eyes. It would be hard to guess they were cousins.

Publisher Description:

Nancy loves a good mystery. That's why she, Bess, and George are volunteering at Persimmon Woods Pioneer Village, a living history museum of the 1830s. Nancy's heard that a lot of weird things have been happening there, like the eerie sightings of the Lantern Lady - the ghost of an original settler.

But as soon as Nancy starts investigating, she learns that even though the workers at Persimmon Woods are in costume, the danger isn't an act. Someone has concocted a cunning scheme to destroy the village, and if Nancy doesn't find the culprit, she could become history, too.

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