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Nancy Drew Diaries #6: Secret at Mystic Lake
Nancy Drew Diaries Series Book #6 of 20 in publication order (switch to alphabetical order)
Author: Carolyn Keene

Book Info

Published on May 6, 2014
Age Group: 8 - 12 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.9 (4.0 Points, Quiz #167094)
Lexile® measure: 740L

To celebrate her birthday, George is taking Nancy and Bess on a bike tour around Mystic Lake, but when their tour guide disappears and unknown adversaries steal their supplies and slash their tires, Nancy begins looking for clues.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
"I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M DOING this," my friend Bess Marvin muttered, poking morosely at her eggs.

George Fayne, my other friend and Bess's cousin, elbowed her and grinned. "It's because you love me so much," she said. "Just remember that."

We were all eating breakfast at the quaint inn where our upcoming three-day bike tour around the scenic, sprawling Mystic Lake Park was about to start. George's parents had bought the trip for all three of us as a birthday gift to George, and they'd come to drop us off so we wouldn't have to leave our cars. Bess wasn't exactly as thrilled about the trip as George and I were. In fact, she was distinctly unthrilled.

Publisher Description:
A few nights in nature take a nasty turn for Nancy and her friends in this sixth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series.

To celebrate her birthday, George is taking Nancy and Bess on a three-day bike tour around the scenic Mystic Lake. They can't wait to spend time exploring the gorgeous landscape by day and camping under the stars at night. What they didn't count on was sabotage!

First someone steals food and supplies from their packs. Then tour guide Caitlin vanishes overnight, and the entire group finds their tires slashed to bits. Now Nancy is cycling for clues instead of soaking up the scenery. Can Nancy track down the culprit before she and her friends are lost in the woods forever?

160 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 1481400134
ISBN-13: 9781481400138
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160 pages. List price $5.99
ISBN-10: 1481400126
ISBN-13: 9781481400121
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161 pages. List price $5.99
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