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Libby Mitchell Trilogy, Book 3: The Shadow of the Wolf
Libby Mitchell Trilogy Book #3 of 3
Author: Gloria Whelan

Book Info

Published on April 1, 1997
Age Group: 6 - 10 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.4 (2.0 Points, Quiz #17593)
GLE: 3.5
DRA: 30
Lexile® measure: 700L

In 1841 thirteen-year-old Libby and her family begin a new life on the shores of Lake Michigan where her father works as a surveyor for the Ottawa Indians and Libby is reunited with her Indian friend Fawn.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
The September of 1841 arrived a red and gold leaf at a time. The ferns turned brown and shriveled. The falling acorns made little plopping sounds on the roof. One by one the singing birds left us until the woods were silent. Papa began to grow restless. That worried Mama.

With Papa there is no standing still. Even before our Potawatomi Indian friend, Sanatua, came, Papa was asking travelers about the northern woods. In our home of Saginaw, cabins had shot up everywhere. Papa is a surveyor who came to Michigan to measure out the miles of empty woods. Now there was little left to measure, and Papa was thinking about moving north.

Publisher Description:
The woods of southern Michigan are getting corwded, so Libby Mitchell and her family load up their covered wagon and move north. They settle on the shores of Lake Michigan - right next to the Indian camp where Libby's friend Fawn lives! But Libby and Fawn soon find out that greedy men are trying to cheat the Indians out of their land. Now the girls must think of a way to stop them - before the people and animals who call the forest their home lose it forever. This poignant, beautifully-told story concludes Gloria Whelan's American history trilogy.
Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to the second title, Night of the Full Moon, calling it a "satisfying chapter captivating as any in the Little House series."

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