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Horse Guardian, Book 11: Fighting Chance
Horse Guardian Series Book #11 of 12 in publication order (switch to alphabetical order)
Author: Angela Dorsey

Book Info

Published on May 28, 2008
Age Group: 9 - 13 years

Chance and her best friend, Hanna, just want a relaxing ride for their first excursion with the very young Tubby, Chance's mare's foal, in tow. When they happen upon their mean school rivals, the ride instantly becomes unpleasant, but even that pales in comparison to what is to come. Hanna and Chance are separated, a tornado descends from the stormy sky, Tubby disappears, and then, unbelievably, everything becomes much worse!

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Chance looked back in time to see the fuzzy bay foal slide to a halt. She pulled on Athena's reins, and the mare stopped short, then tossed her head. Her long mane glimmered blue-black in the sunlight.
"Wait a sec," Chance called to her friend, Hanna, riding ahead of her. "I think Tubby's -"
The foal bounced sideways and snorted a high pitched, rolling snort, then kicked his long back legs into the air and leaped toward them.

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