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Empyrion II: The Siege of Dome
Empyrion Series Book #2 of 2
Author: Stephen R. Lawhead

Book Info

Published in 1986
Age Group: 14 years and up

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Orion Tiberias Treet lifted his face from the page swimming before his eyes, sat up, and glared around, red-eyed, at the untidy stack of blue plastic notebooks he had been reading nonstop for the last few days. He rubbed his whiskered jaw and stood creakily, began swinging his arms, pacing and stretching to get his blood circulating.

Five days maybe more, he couldn't tell for sure in the subterranean Archives of Dome, reading Feodr Rumon's Interpretive Chronicles, had given him an ache in his head to match the one in his stomach. He had not eaten since returning to Dome, even though, upon entering the Archives, he had found the provisions he and Calin had left behind on their first visit a time that now seemed impossibly remote.

The food had long since spoiled, but the water in the sealed jar was good; so he drank sparingly from it and settled down to discover all he could of Empyrion's lost past. He knew he might never have another chance to read the notebooks, and knew, too, that once he left the safety of the Archives, he might never return. Several days of hunger were worth the price.

Publisher Description:
How resilient is the human spirit in the face of merciless oppression? What values in life stand up to certain death?

In the second and concluding Empyrion book, Orion Treet determines to return to Dome after his brief respite among the peaceable, graceful Fieri. No one but Orion and a handful of rebels seriously believes that Dome will carry out its threat to annihilate Fierra. Abandoned by his companions from Earth, Treet becomes a solitary figure in a deadly civil war. The Empyrion novels are among Lawhead's most captivating accomplishments of storytelling and adventure; among the best there is in science fiction. Look for the award-winning Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra, at your local bookstore.

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