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Tales of the Frog Princess #6: The Dragon Princess
Tales of the Frog Princess Series Book #6 of 9
Author: E. D. Baker

Book Info

Published on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 5.3 (8.0 Points, Quiz #127619)
GLE: 5.4
Lexile® measure: 820L

Although a princess, Millie cannot keep herself from turning unexpectedly into a dragon, so she ventures off to the Frozen North to find the Blue Witch, who she hopes will help her learn to control her dragon magic.

Publisher Description:
Meet Millie, the charming but somewhat cursed daughter of Princess Emma and Prince Eadric. Why cursed? You see, every time Millie gets mad (and she gets mad a little too often) she turns into a dragon. And not a cute little pink dragon either. She is a full-on, green-scaled, huge-winged, fire-breathing dragon. Enough to scare the petticoats off her own friends, family . . . and of course, potential suitors who come to see about her hand in marriage.

It's embarrassing . . . even maddening, that this has to happen, but no one seems to have any answers for her . . . until she hears about a witch in the far reaches of the Frozen North, a witch guarded by a frightening brigade of polar bears, bears who have no interest in helping a princess in distress . . .

E. D. Baker proves as winning a storyteller as ever as she introduces readers to a new generation of Greater Greensward's enchanting royal family.

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218 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 1599901943
ISBN-13: 9781599901947
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240 pages. List price $8.99
ISBN-10: 1619636220
ISBN-13: 9781619636224
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