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Sun Catcher
Sun Catcher Series Book #1 of 3
Authors: Angela Dorsey, Marina Miller

Book Info

Published on May 7, 2012
Age Group: 9 - 13 years

When Lost River's tribe is attacked by a strange creature that seems half man and half beast, she is terrified, believing it to be the mythical Sun God. Then a deadly fire starts and Lost River is separated from her tribe. Confused and alone, she sees movement in the smoke. Maybe it's someone from her tribe. Desperate, she follows - and finds herself alone with the beast half of the Sun God! But the beast seems afraid too. Maybe it's not a god at all, but an animal, an animal as frightened as she is. An animal who is also running for its life.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Smoke billowed upward in great wafts, becoming lost to the star studded sky. Drums thundered. Hypnotic chanting rolled like waves over the crowd gathered before the huge bonfire. Sitting at the back, Lost RIver adjusted her position. She might as well get comfortable; there were hours left to her sister's naming celebration. Blue Swallow was being initiated as a full member of the tribe, an adult, worthy of an adult name.

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ISBN-10: 1927100100
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