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Samurai Detectives, Book 4: The Sword that Cut the Burning Grass
Samurai Detectives Series Book #4 of 7
Authors: Dorothy Hoobler, Thomas Hoobler

Book Info

Published on May 19, 2005
Age Group: 9 - 14 years
Reading Level: AR: 5.4 (6.0 Points, Quiz #88044)
GLE: 4.4
Lexile® measure: 720L

In his latest adventure in eighteenth-century Japan, fourteen-year-old samurai apprentice Seikei, with the help of a servant girl and an imperious old man, sets out to rescue the young Emperor Yasuhito from his kidnappers.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
"I have a task for you," said the

Seikei found himself unable to speak. The shogun wanted
him to do something? He glanced at his father Judge Ooka, who was seated to the shogun's right. A third man, dressed in a kimono with a hollyhock design that identified him as a shogunate official, sat on the other side of the shogun. They were in a room that was usually used for much larger meetings. Reflecting the shogun's simple tastes, the walls were bare and the only furniture, aside from straw mats and pillows, was a small table that held a teapot and some porcelain cups.

Publisher Book Description:
When fourteen-year-old samurai apprentice Seikei is sent on a mission by the shogun, he believes it to be a simple one: Convince the 14-year-old emperor to resume his ceremonial duties. But when the emperor is kidnapped in an elaborate plot to overthrow the Shogun, Seikei's mission grows much more dangerous. With the help of a mysterious warrior, he must rescue the emperor before his sacred sword, said to be unbeatable in battle, falls into the wrong hands. Should he fail, bloodshed will stain the land.

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