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Pendragon, Book Five: Black Water
Pendragon Series Book #5 of 10
Author: D. J. MacHale

Book Info

Published on August 1, 2004
Age Group: 10 - 15 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.6 (17.0 Points, Quiz #80120)
GLE: 5.5
DRA: 60
Lexile® measure: 680L

When a mysterious plague threatens to wipe out the inhabitants of Eelong, fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon must decide whether to risk getting the antidote and, thereby, endangering himself, his friends, and the future of every other being in Halla.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):

That's what this was all about.

It was also about saving humanity from being crushed by a villainous demon named Saint Dane, but that was a little much for Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde to tackle right off the bat. They figured becoming acolytes was the best way to ease into the whole universe-saving thing. The two friends sat together on a musty old couch in a small New York City apartment. They were there to learn the mysterious ways of the acolytes. Not exactly dramatic surroundings, considering they were hearing words that would change their lives forever.

Publisher Description:
Just when fifteen-year-old Bobby Pendragon thinks he understands his purpose as a Traveler - to protect the territories of Halla from the evil Saint Dane - he is faced with an impossible choice. The inhabitants of Eelong are in danger of being wiped out by a mysterious plague. The only way Bobby can stop it is to bring the antidote from another territory. Since moving items between territories is forbidden by the Traveler rules, if Bobby chooses to save Eelong he could endanger himself, his friends, and the future of every other being in Halla.

427 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 1416957790
ISBN-13: 9781416957799
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ISBN-10: 0689872593
ISBN-13: 9780689872594
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