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Madeline in America and Other Holiday Tales
Madeline Series Book #7 of 11 in publication order (switch to alphabetical order)
Authors: Ludwig Bemelmans, John Bemelmans Marciano
Illustrators: Ludwig Bemelmans, John Bemelmans Marciano

Book Info

Published on January 1, 1999
Age Group: 3 - 8 years
Reading Level: AR: 5.2 (1.0 Point, Quiz #89719)
GLE: 3.5

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines, including Mademoiselle Madeline Fogg and Genevieve, her beloved dog.

Front Cover Flap:
In 1939, readers first picked a fearless little girl named Madeline out of a parade of "twelve little girls in two straight lines." Through six published adventures she rose to every challenge, worried her guardian, Miss Clavel, and earned the affection of millions of Americans. But she never came here to visit ... until now! In time for the sixtieth anniversary of her birth comes one last wonderful story to treasure about the mischievous Madeline. Here readers will learn Madeline's last name, join her and the girls for horseback rides and a tour of the world's greatest store, and get a hint of what lies in Miss Madeline's future. John Bemelmans Marciano discovered Ludwig Bemelmans's manuscript and pencil sketches for
Madeline in America waiting for him among his grandfather's files. Now he has lovingly completed what his grandfather began - with full-color paintings done in tribute to the great master. As a further tribute to Ludwig and as a treat for his fans, we are proud to present two more holiday classics from the Bemelmans archives: The Count and the Cobbler, a gem of a parable about a brilliant baby who engineers a happy holiday for his desperately poor family; and Sunshine, the timeless tale of a music teacher whose greedy landlord wants to evict her on Christmas Eve. This is a landmark collection: a true gift for every fan of Ludwig Bemelmans and Madeline.

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