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The Hardy Boys Secret Files #13: Balloon Blow-Up
The Hardy Boys Secret Files Series Book #13 of 19
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Illustrator: Scott Burroughs

Book Info

Published on December 3, 2013
Age Group: 7 - 10 years
Reading Level: AR: 3.8 (1.0 Point, Quiz #163203)

Joe and Frank Hardy win a contest to be handlers for a Green Crawler balloon in the annual fall festival, but when the balloon is sabotaged the day before the parade, the brothers must investigate.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Check it out, you guys!" nine-year-old Frank Hardy said. "Soon we're going to meet the Crawler in the flesh!"

"Green flesh!" Frank's eight-year-old brother, Joe, said with a grin.

It was Saturday morning. Frank and Joe were at the Bayport Mall. The boys' friends Chet and Iola Morton were also there, along with about a hundred other kids.

They weren't at the mall to see the new electronic games or sneaker styles. They were there to meet the most awesome superhero, the Green Crawler!

Publisher Description:
Frank and Joe are on a case that really pops in this Hardy Brothers Secret Files Mystery.

The Green Crawler is one of the coolest superheroes around, and Frank and Joe are some of his biggest fans. And thanks to a contest, the Hardy boys get to be two of the handlers for the new Green Crawler balloon in the annual Fall Festival parade in Bayport!

But the day before the parade, disaster strikes: someone has ripped the Green Crawler balloon! The people in charge think Joe did it - and the Hardys need to clear his name fast. Was it Bayport bully Adam Ackerman, who was green with envy that the Hardys won the contest? Or could the culprits be loyal fans of Nutty the Squirrel, the cartoon character whom the Green Crawler replaced? And Mo Mantis, the Green Crawler's archenemy, has a few tricks of his own . . .

Can the brothers figure out who tried to ground the Green Crawler? Or will Joe and Frank be watching the parade from the sidelines this year?

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ISBN-10: 0606323287
ISBN-13: 9780606323284
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ISBN-10: 1442453710
ISBN-13: 9781442453715
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