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Why Read Book Series?

Advantages of Series Books

There are many parents who are always looking for books for their kids to read. Children's books that come in a series are superb for many reasons. One of the reasons is that once kids read the first book in the series and like it, there are instantly more books from the rest of the series that they'll want to read! Another reason is that it is easier to develop more complex characters and plots which help capture kids' attention and interest and make them want to read more.

Types of Series

There are basically two types of book series. The first type involves sequential books with connecting plots that happen chronologically. These types of books are meant to be read in order beginning from book one. The second type, on the other hand, does not involve sequential plots. The characters and setting might be the same in all the books, but each book can be read independently and in any order. Depending on how you define a book series, some people only refer to the first type when they mention book series. This website includes both types of series, as we feel they both contain the advantages mentioned above and are equally great for children.


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