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Buying Used Books

Why should you buy used books?

  • Every time you buy used books, you are helping to save trees and other natural resources that would otherwise have been used to print new books.
  • Every used book you buy is kept out of a landfill.
  • You save money by paying less for used books than you would for new books. And the less money you spend, the less you'll need to work and the more time you'll have to sit down and read your favorite book!
  • If you are buying books for kids, buy them used so you won't have to worry about brand new, expensive books getting ruined by kids' rough handling.
  • Unless you're buying a new collectible book that you don't intend to read, as soon as you read it, a brand new book becomes a used book anyway.
  • Some books are out of print and are not available new any more.
  • If you are a colletor looking for a first printing copy of a specific book, your only option might be to find a used copy.

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Where can you buy used books?
  • You can go to a local used book store.
  • You can go to local yard sales if you are not looking for specific books, but just want to browse for anything that looks interesting.
  • Many local libraries hold book sales several times a year. Books are typically donated by the public and proceeds go to support the libraries.
  • Many online book sellers allow the public to list their used books for sale in exchange for listing fees and a portion of the proceeds. This is a good option if you're looking for one specific book. One thing to note, however, is that if you buy multiple books from the same seller, most websites will give you a shipping discount for combining the books into one shipment. But the problem is that if you are looking for multiple books from a series, it might be difficult to find the same seller who happens to have all the books you need in order to take advantage of combined shipping discount.
  • The popular online auction site,, is a good place to find used books, particularly complete sets of a book series. If you are not familiar with eBay, you might find it a bit tricky searching for specific books. We have put in a direct link to eBay for most books listed on this website that will take you to the pre-saved search page for each book.


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