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Frontier Magic, Book 2: Across the Great Barrier
Frontier Magic Series Book #2 of 3
Author: Patricia C. Wrede

Book Info

Published on August 1, 2011
Age Group: 12 - 16 years
Reading Level: AR: 6.2 (14.0 Points, Quiz #145580)
GLE: 8.6
DRA: 70
Lexile® measure: 1020L

In an alternate frontier America, Eff must travel beyond the Great Barrier and come to terms with her magic abilities--and those of her twin brother--to stop the newest threat encroaching on the settlers.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
Being a heroine is nowhere near the fun folks make it out to be. Oh it's nice enough at first, when everybody is offering congratulations and making a fuss, but that doesn't last long. And when the thing they're congratulating you for is getting rid of a bunch of bugs, which you didn't do all by your own self anyway, it feels pretty silly. Not to mention that it annoys the other people who ought to have come in for some of the credit.

The one it mainly annoyed was my twin brother, Lan. He's the seventh son of a seventh son, which makes him a pretty strong magician. It was his spells that held the mirror bugs off of the Little Fog settlement long enough for Wash and William and me to get there. I thought that was a lot harder than what I'd done, but the only people interested in talking to Lan much were the magicians at Northern Plains Riverbank College, and even they were more interested in me than in my brother. What Lan had done was something they understood, but what I'd done was a mix of the Avrupan magic I'd learned in school and the Aphrikan magic I'd studied outside regular hours. The professors all said it was a new thing and got very excited. Even Papa.

Back Cover:
Eff is riding west....
Eff could be a powerful magician if she wanted to. Except she's not sure she wants that kind of responsibility. Everyone keeps waiting for her to do something amazing - or to fail in a spectacular way. Worse, her twin brother, Lan, a powerful double seventh son, is jealous of all the attention she's been getting.

Even as Eff protests that she's just an ordinary girl, she's asked to travel past the Barrier Spell with one of the new professors at her father's school The land west of the Barrier is full of dangers, both magical and wild. Eff will need to use all her strength - magical and otherwise - to come safely back home.

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