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Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!
Dr. Seuss Classics and More Series Book #30 of 33 in publication order (switch to alphabetical order)
Authors: Dr. Seuss, Jack Prelutsky
Illustrator: Lane Smith

Book Info

Published on January 1, 1998
Age Group: 3 - 8 years
Reading Level: AR: 3.8 (0.5 Point, Quiz #19490)
GLE: 3.9
Lexile® measure: AD620L

The students of Diffendoofer School celebrate their unusual teachers and curriculum, including Miss Fribble who teaches laughing, Miss Bonkers who teaches frogs to dance, and Mr. Katz who builds robotic rats.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
I've always lived in Dinkerville, my friends all live here too.

Publisher Description:
Started by Seuss, finished by Jack Prelutsky, and splendiferously illustrated by Lane Smith, this is the children's book publishing event of the year! Big - 56 pages - and bursting with energy, here is a joyous ode to individuality, starring an unsinkable teacher named Miss Bonkers and quirky little Diffendoofer School, which must prove it has taught its students how to think - or have them sent to dreary Flobbertown. Included is an introduction by Dr. Seuss's longtime editor explaining how the book came to be and reproducing Dr. Seuss's 1989 original pencil sketches and hand-printed notes for the book - a true find for all Seuss collectors.

In Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith pay homage to Dr. Seuss in their own distinctive ways. The result is the union of three one-of-a-kind voices in a brand-new, completely original book that is greater than the sum of its parts. For all of us who will never forget our school days and that special teacher, here is a book to give and to get.

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56 pages. List price $17.00
ISBN-10: 0679890084
ISBN-13: 9780679890089
$13.67 new from (free shipping available for book orders > $25)
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Hardcover Library Binding Edition
56 pages. List price $18.99
ISBN-10: 0679990089
ISBN-13: 9780679990086
$6.88 and up used from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)

36 pages. List price not available.
ISBN-10: 0590638750
ISBN-13: 9780590638753
$19.20 and up new from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)
$10.98 and up used from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)

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