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Divine Children #1: Divine Children
Divine Children Series Book #1 of 1
Author: Lucas Kitchen

Book Info

Published on February 9, 2014
Age Group: 12 - 18 years

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
The age-withered body of Captain Dorian Platt Jr. Slumped in the chair where he was still jacked into the neural navigation system. A beat earlier he had been making routine course corrections when his heart finally stopped under the strain of old age. Normally, Captain Platt would have been replaced years ago by a more youthful starship pilot, but his generation did not have that luxury.

"He's arrested," a voice shouted with urgency. The control room was already in motion but with the shout, the activity erupted into a panoply of chaos. Familiar hands ripped leads and chords off and pulled the captain's body out of the chair, something that would never be done in other circumstances.

Within seconds, the aged body was splayed across the floor in front of the chair, uniform ripped open. His lengthy grey hair spread out like spilled spaghetti as the flurry of activity swirled around him. It didn't matter. No chest compressions could bring back what had already left the room and drifted off into the dark depths of endless night. Nonetheless, they tried to revive him for the better part of ten minutes.

Back Cover:
An aging star ship captain dies, leaving his massive vessel on a collision course with a nearby planet. Meanwhile, an unexpected object appears in the night sky. Ernst, a 19-year-old orphan in a primitive utopian dwelling tribe, offers to seek out council from the wizards across the sea. His people think he's crazy to even attempt such a dangerous journey, but he gains confidence when Enna, his unpredictable wild-haired friend joins the adventure.

Along the way he discovers that he possesses mysterious unexplained powers. Ernst and Enna must find a way to stop the late star ship captain's tyrannical successor, Huxley Bradford, before he intentionally destroys Ernst's entire race in a methodical act of genocide. The story takes a turn for the unexpected when these young heroes discover a forgotten secret about the world they thought they knew.

Ernst will either be broken by the journey or molded into the leader he must be in order to save his people. Enter a rich world of colorful characters, layers of mystery, and powerful ideas.

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306 pages. List price $13.99
ISBN-10: 1495908984
ISBN-13: 9781495908989
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308 pages. List price not available.
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