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Crystal Journals #2: Pharaoh's Tomb
Crystal Journals Series Book #2 of 4
Author: G. Rosemary Ludlow

Book Info

Published on December 7, 2016
Age Group: 8 - 13 years

Summary from Author Website:
So begins the next adventure for Susan Sinclair, the young Guardian of the Crystal of the North, who, by the power of her magical crystal, suddenly finds herself in the heart of ancient Egypt. But restoring balance within the Pharaoh's palace isn't as easy as Susan might wish.

Political webs of mystery surround her, magical elements interfere with plans, and even Mother Nature interferes. Throughout her adventures, Susan comes to know such rich characters as the court magician, the son of the grand vizier, and the current Pharaoh, Tuthmoses II.

Susan Sinclair is brave, curious, and up for any challenge. With resilience and a willingness to learn, she fearlessly works to help the people of Egypt regain a sense of balance amid turmoil. But will her courage be a match for the thrilling adventure that has drawn her to Ancient Egypt?

The second book in G. Rosemary Ludlow's exciting Crystal Journals series,
Pharaoh's Tomb will capture the imaginations of both children and adults.

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306 pages. List price $14.95
ISBN-10: 0973687134
ISBN-13: 9780973687132
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