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Alice on Her Way
Alice Series Book #17 of 25
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Book Info

Published on May 17, 2005
Age Group: 12 - 16 years
Reading Level: AR: 4.6 (10.0 Points, Quiz #87478)
GLE: 5.5
Lexile® measure: 710L

Alice is adjusting to her new stepmother, her brother's new apartment, her ex-boyfriend, and getting a driver's license.

Excerpt/First Sentence(s):
My dad's relatives live in Tennessee. Once, on a trip, we stopped in Bristol for lunch. The manager had a clip-on tag with the word Necessary on it. Dad smiled at him and said, "I see you're the indispensable one around here."

Publisher Description:
Imagine it: a weekend without your parents; a weekend in a hotel with your best friends; a weekend in one of the biggest, loudest, craziest cities in the world. Jealous yet? Well, get ready to turn green with envy because Alice, Pam, Liz, and Gwen are headed to New York City for the weekend! Sure, it's a school trip and there'll be some educational stuff like museums and plays and visiting Ellis Island, but what the girls really can't wait for is everything they're going to do when their teachers go to bed. Bars, clubs, dancing, shopping, and boys...anything is possible. The city awaits them, and all they have to do to have the time of their lives is sneak past a few hotel clerks.

Alice can't wait to hit New York. A weekend with her friends is just what she needs right now. Sophomore year and driving lessons are a lot harder than she thought they would be, and it's time for her to get away from all that work and have some fun. Plus, she's got the loooong bus ride home in the dark with her new boyfriend to look forward to....

Funny, cool, and always provocative, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor does it again, proving that she understands what real girls think and feel, with this seventeenth book in the beloved
Alice series.

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322 pages. List price $16.99
ISBN-10: 0689870906
ISBN-13: 9780689870903
$29.02 and up new from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)
$23.94 and up used from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)

This edition is available as part of a set with other books in the series.

Mass Market Paperback
322 pages. List price $6.99
ISBN-10: 0689870914
ISBN-13: 9780689870910
$13.44 and up used from Amazon Marketplace sellers (shipping cost included)

Kindle eBook
322 pages. List price $9.99
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