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Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts Series
Authors: Eliot Schrefer, Victoria Schwab, Varian Johnson, Jonathan Auxier, Sarah Prineas, Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Number of Books in Series: 7 so far
Age Group: 8 - 13 years

Reading Level: AR Levels 4.7-5.9
Lexile 800-860
Companion/Related Series: Spirit Animals, Spirit Animals: The Book of Shane, Spirit Animals Special Edition

This series continues the story that began in Spirit Animals.

Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts Book List:

This series should be read in the correct order listed here.

Book 1: Immortal Guardians
Ages 8-13. August 11, 2015.
AR: 5.9 (7.0 Points, Quiz #175913)

Book 2: Broken Ground
Ages 8-13. December 22, 2015.
AR: 5.8 (7.0 Points, Quiz #179009)

Book 3: The Return
Ages 8-13. April 26, 2016.
AR: 4.7 (7.0 Points, Quiz #181950)

Book 4: The Burning Tide
Ages 8-13. September 13, 2016.

Book 5: Heart of the Land
Ages 8-13. May 9, 2017.

Book 6: The Wildcat's Claw
Ages 8-13. October 10, 2017.

Book 7: Stormspeaker
Ages 8-13. January 30, 2018.

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 7 Books

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