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Animorphs Alternamorphs Series
Author: K. A. Applegate
Number of Books in Series: 2
Age Group: 8 - 13 years
AR Levels estimated 3.3-4.9;  GLE 5.1
F&P/GRL T;  DRA 50;  Lexile 370-470
Companion/Related Series: list of all Animorphs series

Book 1 Summary: We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live. It's too risky, and we've got to be careful. Really careful. So we don't trust anyone. Because if they find us...well, we just won't let them find us.

The thing you should know is that everyone is in really big trouble. Yeah. Even you.

You're with us when we head through the abandoned construction site.

You help us decide whether we really want to accept the power to morph.

You're there when Visser Three destroys Elfangor.

But not all of your decisions are the right ones. You'll probably make mistakes. Just be careful not to expose yourself - or the rest of us - to the Yeerks. Because our secret can never be discovered. And now, you are one of us. Can we trust you?

Are you ready to be an Animorph?

List of Books:

Book 1: The First Journey
Book 1: Age Group: 8 - 13 years. Published on April 1, 1999.
Book 1: GLE: 5.1
Book 1: F&P/GRL: T;  DRA: 50

Book 2: The Next Passage
Book 2: Age Group: 8 - 13 years. Published on April 1, 2000.
Book 2: GLE: 5.1
Book 2: F&P/GRL: T;  DRA: 50

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 2 Books

Film/Television/Theatrical Adaptations:

Adapted into TV series that ran in 1998-2000: Animorphs

Other Websites for Additional Information:

Official or Publisher Website for Animorphs Alternamorphs Series
Author Website for K. A. Applegate

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