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The Heroes of Olympus Series
Author: Rick Riordan
Number of Books in Series: 5 so far
Age Group: 9 - 14 years

Reading Level: AR Levels 4.5-5.2
GLE 3.7-5.2
DRA 60
Lexile 640-690
Companion/Related Series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Trials of Apollo

This series is set in the same world as Percy Jackson & the Olympians and starts a few months after that story ended. We are introduced to a new cast of main characters in this new story, but many of the beloved characters from Percy Jackson & the Olympians do return in minor roles. You will probably get more out of this story if you have read Percy Jackson & the Olympians first.

Book 1 Summary: Jason, Piper, and Leo, three students from a school for "bad kids," find themselves at Camp Half-Blood, where they learn that they are demigods and begin a quest to free Hera, who has been imprisoned by Mother Earth herself.

Heroes of Olympus Book List:

This series should be read in the correct order listed here.

Book 1: The Lost Hero
Ages 9-12. October 12, 2010.
AR: 4.5 (19.0 Points, Quiz #140427);  GLE: 3.8
F&P/GRL: W;  DRA: 60

Book 2: The Son of Neptune
Ages 9-12. October 4, 2011.
AR: 4.7 (17.0 Points, Quiz #146841);  GLE: 3.7
F&P/GRL: W;  DRA: 60

Book 3: The Mark of Athena
Ages 9-12. October 2, 2012.
AR: 4.8 (20.0 Points, Quiz #154635);  GLE: 5
F&P/GRL: X;  DRA: 60

Book 4: The House of Hades
Ages 9-12. October 8, 2013.
AR: 4.8 (19.0 Points, Quiz #162104);  GLE: 4.8
F&P/GRL: X;  DRA: 60

Book 5: The Blood of Olympus
Ages 9-14. October 7, 2014.
AR: 5.2 (17.0 Points, Quiz #169827);  GLE: 5.2
F&P/GRL: W;  DRA: 60

Companion Book: The Heroes of Olympus: The Demigod Diaries
Ages 9-14. August 14, 2012.
AR: 4.5 (7.0 Points, Quiz #153379)
F&P/GRL: W;  DRA: 60

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 5 Books

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