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Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy Series
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Number of Books in Series: 9 so far
Age Group: 7 - 10 years

Reading Level: AR Levels 3.9-5.1
GLE 2.4-4.2
DRA 40-50
Lexile 500-720
Companion/Related Series: list of all Geronimo Stilton series

Book 1 Summary: Join Geronimo for his biggest, most fabumouse adventure yet! Dragons, mermaids, and much, much more await readers in this very special edition!

I knew from the start that it was no ordinary day, but I certainly didn't expect to find a golden staircase in my attic. Up at the top, there was a door. And beyond the door was a world I never could have imagined -- the Kingdom of Fantasy!

Along with my guide, a frog named Scribblehopper, I set off on an incredible adventure to save the Queen of the Fairies. But along the way, I had to face giant scorpions, witches, sea serpents, pixies, and dozens of other creatures that I had only ever heard stories about. Holey cheese, what a journey! Could I save the Queen . . . and my own tail?


Geronimo Stilton and the Kingdom of Fantasy Book List:

This series should be read in the correct order listed here.

Book 1: The Kingdom of Fantasy
Ages 7-10. December 1, 2009.
AR: 3.9 (3 Points, Quiz #134600);  GLE: 2.4
F&P/GRL: T;  DRA: 50

Book 2: The Quest for Paradise
Ages 7-10. October 1, 2010.
AR: 4 (3 Points, Quiz #140206);  GLE: 4
F&P/GRL: T;  DRA: 50

Book 3: The Amazing Voyage
Ages 7-10. September 1, 2011.
AR: 4.2 (2 Points, Quiz #146632);  GLE: 2.4
F&P/GRL: S;  DRA: 40

Book 4: The Dragon Prophecy
Ages 7-10. September 1, 2012.
AR: 4.4 (3 Points, Quiz #153826);  GLE: 3.7

Book 5: The Volcano of Fire
Ages 7-10. August 27, 2013.
AR: 4.8 (4 Points, Quiz #161024);  GLE: 4.2
F&P/GRL: T;  DRA: 50

Book 6: The Search for Treasure
Ages 7-10. August 26, 2014.
AR: 4.9 (4 Points, Quiz #168810);  GLE: 4
F&P/GRL: S;  DRA: 40

Book 7: The Enchanted Charms
Ages 7-10. May 26, 2015.

Book 8: The Hour of Magic
Ages 7-10. May 31, 2016.
AR: 5.1 (4.0 Points, Quiz #182459)

Book 9: The Wizard's Wand
Ages 7-10. August 30, 2016.

Companion Book: The Phoenix of Destiny: An Epic Kingdom of Fantasy Adventure
Ages 7-10. August 25, 2015.

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 9 Books

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