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Blast to the Past Series
Authors: Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon
Illustrators: David Wenzel, Guy Francis
Number of Books in Series: 8
Age Group: 7 - 10 years

Reading Level: AR Levels 3.6-4.6
GLE estimated 4.2-4.4
F&P/GRL estimated Q-S
DRA estimated 40
Lexile 620-640

Book 1 Summary: Third graders travel through time to keep history on track! Abigail loves Mondays, and so does the rest of class 305. That's the day Mr. Caruthers asks them cool questions about history. Today Mr. C asks, "What if Abraham Lincoln never freed the slaves?" Abigail and her friends are ready to put their thinking caps on. But this time Mr. C wants them to do more than put their heads together-he wants them to travel back in time! Turns out the "What If?" questions are real, and Mr. C has just come back from a visit to the past. He needs their help because it looks like President Lincoln might quit and never free the slaves! With a time-travel gadget and only two hours to spare, Abigail and her friends are going back to the past. But even though time traveling isn't hard, convincing Abraham Lincoln not to give up isn't going to be easy ... With a dollop of The Magic Tree House, a dash of Back to the Future, and pinch of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Blast to the Past is a recipe for fun!


Blast to the Past Book List:

This series can be read in any order.

Publication Order

Book 1: Lincoln's Legacy
Ages 7-10. January 6, 2005.
AR: 3.6 (2 Points, Quiz #84957)

Book 2: Disney's Dream
Ages 7-10. June 1, 2005.
AR: 3.9 (2 Points, Quiz #88271)

Book 3: Bell's Breakthrough
Ages 7-10. October 1, 2005.
AR: 4 (2 Points, Quiz #101495)

Book 4: King's Courage
Ages 7-10. December 27, 2005.
AR: 4.3 (2 Points, Quiz #103954)

Book 5: Sacagawea's Strength
Ages 7-10. June 1, 2006.
AR: 4.6 (2 Points, Quiz #106678)

Book 6: Ben Franklin's Fame
Ages 7-10. September 5, 2006.
AR: 4.4 (2 Points, Quiz #110350)

Book 7: Washington's War
Ages 7-10. January 9, 2007.
AR: 4.5 (2 Points, Quiz #114305)

Book 8: Betsy Ross's Star
Ages 7-10. May 22, 2007.
AR: 4.6 (3 Points, Quiz #116160)

Book Sets: Sets of Up to 8 Books

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Author Website for Stacia Deutsch
Author Website for Rhody Cohon

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