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Welcome to KidsBookSeries!

You can browse through the alphabetical list of book series, or use the search function above to narrow the list down to age-appropriate books by selecting the age of your child and clicking on the [Search] button. We are in the process of adding many more series to our database so please check back again soon.

Search Tips:

Age - Select your child's actual age. Or, if your child is mature for his/her age or for other reasons tends to like books written for older kids, you can select a higher age. Similarly, if your child is developmentally delayed, or tends to like books written for younger kids, you can select a lower age than his/her actual age.

Reading Level - Select your child's current reading level. Many schools assess their students' reading level and let their parents or guardians know whether they're reading at grade level, above grade level, or below grade level. So for example, if you have a third-grader who is reading above grade level, you would select '4th grade' (or possibly '5th grade' if you have been told he/she is reading at 2 grade levels above his/her actual grade). On the other hand, if you have a child who is reading below grade level, you would select one or two grades below his/her current grade. If you are not sure, you can try the level that corresponds to your child's actual grade. Another way to decide which reading level to select is to find a book series on our list that you know is a good fit for your child, then look up that series' reading level, and search for other series that are at the same level. If you are still not sure which level to select, you can always choose "any" level to include all available book series for the age selected. Please also keep in mind that kids do not need to only read books at their current level. They can certainly still enjoy reading easier books and sometimes more challenging books as well. The most important thing is to find books the kids actually enjoy reading, so that they can be well on their way to becoming lifelong readers.

Reading Level Systems - We use a combination of reading level systems made available to the public for purposes of rating the books in our database for our search function.

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The reading level for a book is sometimes provided by the publisher. In some cases, if the publisher does not provide a reading level for a particular series, we might use the recommended reading level determined by other sources, such as reputable public school systems' or other educators' published reading lists. Another reading level system used for our search function is AR, or Accelerated Reader, a widely used reading level system developed by Renaissance Learning. They also use a point system that assigns a number of points to each book depending on the difficulty level and the length of the book. In addition, they have developed quizzes for each book in their database that can be purchased by parents or educators and used to test whether or not a child has actually read the book. Please note that sometimes a particular series will be rated differently by the various reading level systems and thus the series might appear in multiple search results.

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September 30, 2014: Another batch of series have been added.

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